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Dragon Ball is one of the most popular mangas/animes of all time. With three story arcs, spin-off manga adaptations, and dozens of movies and specials, it has amassed a huge following of fan. This Wikia is for everything that is Canon to DBZ and for many of whom enjoy the meta-series so much they create their own additions to the Dragon Ball Series. These additions are known as fan fictions, or "fanons". We will accept almost all kinds of fan fiction, no matter what the content is, so long as it is inoffensive and rated approprietly for the auidence and if it is in the right category, Canon or non-canon (GT is not canon so any stories based on the GT series will not be canon). If you're interested in Dragon Ball fanons, please help out by joining our wiki and sharing your fan fiction with us!

It is recommended that our Rules are read. They contain information that is helpful to refer back to and also outline the guidelines and expectations we hold here at the Dragon Ball Fanon Wiki.

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